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July 11, 2014

2- Russia, China and the Northern Route

by D.Venet

The recent signature by Mr Poutine of a document agreeing to provide gas to China can be related to another, less Кухня mediatized, event which happened towards the end of 2013, the first journey of a Gazprom-chartered cheap jerseys LNG carrier from Northern Europe to Asia via Watches the “Northern Route” (i.e. the direct maritime route between Europe and Asia via the north of Russia).

In both cases Russia demonstrated its intention to no longer rely solely on Europe as it’s near exclusive client of natural gas exports, and to develop sales in Asia. Russian sales to Asia began with Sakhaline’s LNG but these were moderate and from the gas fields which wouldn’t have been able to supply Europe.

Both of these examples lead ban us to reflect on the notion of Europe / Asia arbitration by Russia, a fundamentally new Trucks situation.

In the case of the Northern Route, it is what we could call “direct” arbitrage: Yamal LNG methane carriers could either go west wholesale MLB jerseys towards Europe or East towards Asia; for the first time a Russian gas field is open to arbitrage.

In the case of the Chinese contract, the arbitrage would be “indirect”: this project will require considerable investments, in which the Russians will understandably want to keep a majority hold; leaving possibly a shortage of capital to maintain and repair existing West Russian facilities which supply Europe.

In conclusion, Russia is preparing to reduce its dependence on Europe, its historical exclusive client, in the medium term (and it is in this direction that the dependence existed and not the other way round), and to put itself in wholesale NBA jerseys a position to arbitrage between Asia and Europe, as is already the very profitable case for Qatar.

Indeed, one of the reasons that European prices have been 30 to 50% cheaper than Asian prices is the supply from Russian pipelines in particular. Asian arbitrage by Russia could decrease this difference to the detriment of Europe.

The USA is not concerned by this, protected by its shale gas; but this subject is taboo in France, so let’s not talk about it …[1]


[1] please see the other article wholesale NBA jerseys on this site: ”The ban on exploration of shale gas: a breach of the precautionary principle?



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