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Dominique VENET                  

Dominique VENET,

CEO, Gleamergy energy consulting

Dominique Venet has spent 23 years with TOTAL and 9 years with EDF (Electricité de France), where he created the Gas Division.

This career path gives him an in-depth knowledge of the two very different worlds of Oil an Gas Companies on one hand, of Utilities on the other hand : a rare cross-expertise at a time where increased cooperation between these two worlds is a necessity given the development of gas-fired power generation.

With Total, he started in Refining in France, then Marketing and Trading in East Africa based in Nairobi – Kenya.

He moved on to Exploration and Production in Middle East, where he was in charge for Total of developing the first LNG project in Qatar, Qatargas, based in Doha – Qatar.

Back in France, he joined the Gas Division to be responsible for developing Midstream assets, with successful projects in South America, Middle East and Asia.

In 2003, VENET joined EDF as Executive VP Gas, with the task of starting from scratch EDF Gas Division. This Division is now up and running, including achievements such as partnership with Gazprom in the SouthStream pipeline or Dunkerque LNG Terminal.

In 2012, he created Gleamergy SAS, a Consulting Firm specializing in Energy.

D.VENET graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris and Stanford SEP.

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