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October 12, 2014

3- Ecological comparison Seoul – Paris

by D.Venet

I recently spent a week in Seoul.

I was surprised by two things: the excellent quality of the air and the low noise levels, compared to the pollution and noise to be found in Parisian streets.

This was not my first wholesale nfl jerseys time in Seoul and I did not notice this Russia, difference during my previous visits in the 90’s, 00’s or 10’s.

There are two possible explanations for this difference: the situation in Seoul has gotten a lot better or that of Paris has gotten much worse; in fact, pilotprosjekt it is both:

A “green” policy has been in place in Seoul for several years:

  • All wholesale nfl jerseys buses run on natural gas (NGV: Natural Gas Vehicles).
  • Cars are either hybrid or petrol run; there are no diesel cars.

The result is moderate pollution and a reasonable noise level even on very busy avenues. The Sox, NOx and particles wholesale jerseys pollution and the noise levels from gas and petrol run motors are indeed a lot less than that of the diesel motors that we favor in France.

You could argue that a “green” policy has also been in implemented in Paris:

  • A tax incentive system for diesel motors wholesale nfl jerseys on the grounds that they produce less CO2 than petrol ones: thanks to this grand initiative the majority Tienda of French cheap nba jerseys cars these days have diesel motors.
  • A traffic control policy designed to deter motorists, which results in permanent traffic ban jams, during which the slowed down diesel motors generate noise and atmospheric pollution.

Seoul has shown that a very large modern city (20 million people) can limit its pollution and noise levels; Paris has proved, once again[1], that ecological pretexts can result in accomplishing the exact opposite of what they originally set out to do…


[1] please X250 see the other article on this site: ”The ban on exploration of shale gas: a breach of the precautionary principle?



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